by january 15, 2024

the wedding! (saturday, march 9, 4:30pm)

welcome beignets (friday, march 8, 8pm)

sunday brunch (sunday, march 10, 10am)

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it's us <3

kayla's perspective:

One lonesome Monday evening, I was invited to Dat Dog by a friend to watch the Saints play. Being enthralled in the pathetic displays of the game, I completely missed Sarah sitting only a few feet away the entire time.

It's all right, though. A few months later, we met again at that same friend's birthday party and hit it off. Realizing that we lived next door to each other and could literally see into each other's bedrooms, we started taping notes to each other in the windows. Sarah was really into me -- it was pretty obvious.

After a botched attempt to attend Sarah's birthday party, I extended an invitation for some fries and drinks at Dat Dog (I'm a creature of habit) and BOOM -- fireworks! Initially, neither of us knew if it was an actual date, but after Sarah's relentless flirting, it became clear.

4 years, a 1200-mile move, a hike through Iceland, and a new puppy later -- here we are.

sarie's perspective:

The first time Kayla and I met was probably while I was dragging my bike up the Avodah house steps and into our little commune, sweating and disheveled as usual. Kayla was probably sitting on the steps next door looking cool. The first time we actually talked was in Grand Isle, Louisiana during a mutual friend's birthday weekend. We played pick up soccer and walked on the beach overlooking the oil rigs. We talked about music and dating and the Saints. Kayla tried to set me up with her best friend Bart (love you Bart).

I was drawn to Kayla from the moment we spoke because of their silliness and deep kindness. We did actually write notes to each other via our bedroom windows (shoutout to Carly for sharing in that romance), and finally went on a kind-of date many months after becoming friends, and after Kayla ditched my birthday party for a different date...I'm over it now though. We ate fries at Dat Dog and bonded over our shared love for art, movement, adventure, and other gay things. At the end of the date Kayla tried to shake my hand and I gave her a hug.

In the past 4+ years together Kayla has helped me believe in (+ work to nurture) unconditional queer love. I feel so blessed to be in this partnership and I can't wait to celebrate all that we've built with our beautiful community!!!

welcome beignets

Friday, March 8, 2024

Welcome to New Orleans! Join us Friday night at Race & Religious for some beignets and cafe au lait.
We'll be hanging out from 8-10pm, come by anytime.


Saturday, March 9, 2024

Join us for our take on this Jewish wedding practice. The word "tisch" means "table" in Yiddish. Traditionally, the tisch is a time for people to sit around the table, drink, talk, and share stories and blessings before the wedding ceremony.

We will each be posted up in our own spot at R&R, and you're welcome to come visit with each of us and give us your best vibes. No need to arrive right at 3:30pm, come through anytime between 3:30-4:15pm.


Saturday, March 9, 2024

We're getting married baby!!!
If you're not planning to attend the tisch, please arrive at R&R by 4:15pm. Ceremony starts at 4:30pm.

second line

Saturday, March 9, 2024
5:00pm (ish)

Second line around the block New Orleans style (feat. Kinfolk Brass Band).


Saturday, March 9, 2024

We'll take a quick break for some words before we dance all night, eat pizza + tacos, & sip drinks by the pool.

after party

Saturday, March 9, 2024

Stay a while and jump in the pool with us!! We'll be hanging at the house until midnight. DJ's gotta go but Kayla's on the aux ;).

sunday brunch

Sunday, March 10, 2024

Join us for coffee & pastries before you travel home <3.

Race & Religious
510 Race St.
New Orleans, LA


Hotel Saint Vincent

Charming Magazine St. Hotel with a pool, cafe & outdoor gathering spaces. 8-minute walk from R&R!
You can reserve a room from Friday-Sunday with our room block through the link below.

The Pontchartrain Hotel

Old time garden district hotel on St. Charles Ave., 20-minute walk or 5-minute drive from R&R.

Travelers New Orleans

Small artist-run hotel, 8 minute walk from R&R in the LGD.

Hotel Peter & Paul

The ever-beautiful Marigny hotel. Across the city from R&R but nothing's too far here.

Ace Hotel New Orleans

Modern hotel in the CBD, right in between R&R and the French Quarter. 30 minute walk or 6-minute drive to R&R.

The Okra Inn

Cozy lovely B&B in mid-city. Rent a room or the whole inn (for 12 guests)! 8-minute drive to R&R.

The Columns Hotel

The classic, newly renovated Garden District hotel. 40 minute walk, 25 minute street car ride, or 10 minute drive to R&R.

HI New Orleans Hostel

French Quarter classic hostel (with dorm and private rooms). 8-minute drive from R&R.

Etc., etc.

There are so many amazing places to stay in New Orleans!! Let us know if you have questions about other hotels or B&Bs, we're happy to help you choose.


food & coffee

kay's favorite


best breakfast in the whole world, where we fell in love.

bayou hot wings

best wings in the world

mojo coffee house

local coffee in the LGD.

sarie's favorite

cherry coffee roasters

best coffee uptown, across the street from a dog park if you're into watching puppies like us.

the station

favorite neighborhood coffee shop in mid-city.

stein's deli

okay it's not quite New York bagels but they're good, especially for the south.


kay's favorite

bayou beer garden

classic mid-city bar, lots of outdoor seating.

sarie's favorite

elysian bar

my favorite bar in the whole world.


outdoor wine bar with live music and 10/10 vibes.


kay's favorite

a walk on the bayou

walk slowly from city park to the bayou.

sarie's favorite

the ogden

museum of southern art. 5 floors of beauty.


home fund

these funds will go toward buying property and building a savings together.


find most things on our registry here!


some beautiful ceramic dinnerware

questions & answers

will this wedding be religious?

our wedding will incorporate traditional Jewish ritual and practice. we will be married under the chuppah (a marriage canopy that symbolizes the sacred home we create together). check back here for more information on the Jewish ceremony structure (and our interpretation of it) as the wedding day gets closer.

what is a second line?

a giant dance party in the middle of the street! horns! umbrellas! and lots of love!

what should I wear?

whatever makes you feel festive and fun. the most important thing to us is just that you feel comfortable. if we had to give some criteria, it would be ~funky formal. think flowy dresses, jumpsuits, pants + button downs. sequins are encouraged, full suits aren't necessary (unless you love them).
also, the venue is mostly outside so dress accordingly.

what will the weather be like down there?

we have no idea! no one knows!

where should I stay?

we encourage everyone to stay in the local hotels, hostels, or bed & breakfasts. we will have a room block at Hotel Saint Vincent (see accommodations page for info). we understand that cost is a huge factor. we have a large community in New Orleans, so if you're having trouble affording or finding a place to stay, please reach out and we can connect you with friends/family who may be able to host you.

what neighborhood are we in?

the Lower Garden District. in between uptown and the french quarter. it's one of our favorite neighborhoods in the city and where we fell in love. see the explore page for ideas for what to do in the area.

is the space accessible?

the area where the ceremony and reception will be held is wheelchair accessible, and there are no steps to enter. the ground is made of bricks and there is a large pool in the middle of the grounds, so maneuvering may be tricky. we will also be second lining around the block. please don't hesitate to reach out if we can help make accommodations for you.

should we bring gifts?

your presence and lifetime of friendship are our greatest gifts!!! but if you feel so inclined, we will have a registry section up on the website in late fall (shoutout REI).

what time should we arrive for the ceremony?

please arrive by 4:15pm latest!! the ceremony will start at 4:30pm.

what's the earliest we can arrive for the ceremony?

we ask that you don't arrive before 3:30 as everyone on site will be busy setting up and getting ready.

can we take photos and videos during the wedding and post on social media?

we ask that you refrain from using your phone or camera during the actual ceremony. we would love for you to remain present with us during this special moment. feel free to take photos or videos after the ceremony.

how do we get to the venue?

the address is: 510 Race St, New Orleans, LA 70130. the public transit in New Orleans isn't *great* so we'd recommend ubering, walking, or biking to the venue.

are all of the events at the same venue?

yeah baby!

will food and drinks be served?

yes! we will have a pizza food truck, tacos, and other snacks. there will be vegetarian and gluten free options. if you have other dietary restrictions, please feel free to reach out.

what about COVID?

vaccination is required. we also encourage everyone to take a test 48 hours in advance. the venue is mostly outdoors. masks are welcome but not required!

is there any reason we shouldn't come to this party??

this wedding will be celebrating queer and trans love, jewish traditions, and Black southern culture. we're creating a space that centers our communities and hope that everyone attending will be there to celebrate our whole selves with us. if that's something you feel like you can't be a part of for any reason, we respect your decision to not show up in person, and we'll be here to connect in other ways. also, if you're sick (covid) please stay home to protect our community <3

I still have questions and I'm freaking out!!

we are too! send us a text if you have our number or an email at: